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UnHackMe successfully detects various kinds of malware
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UnHackMe is intended specifically to detect various kinds of malware, including rootkits, Trojans, backdoors, viruses, worms, spyware and adware.
If you're wondering why you would need such a program when you're already running a renowned antivirus suite, you should know that many of these ill-intentioned programs may go unnoticed by most major AV software, that is why a more specific cleaning tool can always come in handy.

UnHackMe is especially effective against rootkits, which hackers use to gain control of your system. Besides those types of malware already mentioned, this application can also help you get rid of search-redirecting software and useless programs.

The tool works by double checking your system to identify and eliminate malicious software. Fortunately, you will always be prompted for confirmation, and you are allowed to mark some applications as false positives. Moreover, you can also edit an exclusion list. UnHackMe can be set to start along with the system and monitor if any rootkit is loaded to memory.

It is a pity that this program's interface urgently needs a coherent design. In this regard, Reanimator, which is a part of the tool, is absolutely messy and difficult to use. Another aspect that needs revising is the documentation because it has a lot of language mistakes in its English version.

To conclude, I was glad to see that UnHackMe didn't find any malware on my computer. It reported only two applications that I marked as false positives. It is also good that the program automatically checks for updates. I don't doubt the effectiveness of this program, but I must insist its interface should be rethought.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is especially effective against rootkits
  • It can monitor the memory
  • It updates automatically


  • The interface is kind of messy
  • There are language errors in the English version of the help files
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