UnHackMe 5.9

UnHackMe is a security application that can detect and remove rootkits
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12.10.2020 (See all)

Rootkits are a serious threat to the security of your computer, as they usually create backdoors which are used by hackers in order to gain access to your system and eventually control your computer. Your typical antivirus programs are often unable to timely detect rootkits as they are hidden in encrypted or compressed files. UnHackMe is a security application created specifically to deal with rootkits. It can detect and remove this kind of threat in an accurate manner.

UnHackMe is a highly effective rootkit detection tool due to the fact that it monitors the computer from the first stages of its boot process until it reaches the normal Windows mode. Another very important advantage of UnHackMe is the fact that it can detect other types of threats besides rootkits, such as spyware or Trojans. The only downside I could notice while trying out this tool was the fact that it warned me about the detection of a couple of potential infections which were in fact harmless files and drivers. Except for the false positives, I also dislike the fact that its interface can cause a bit of confusion as it contains modules from the other security application developed by Greatis Sofware, the RegRun Renanimator.

Anyway, despite its flaws, UnHackMe looked good enough to earn my recommendation. It can represent the difference between having a protected system and having your computer and your data compromised because of a rootkit.

Margie Smeer
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  • It's a bootwatch antirootkit that monitors the system from its booting
  • It can also detect spyware, trojans and other malware
  • Fully compatible with antiviruses and other antirootkit software


  • The interface can get a bit confusing
  • It often warns about false-positives
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