UnHackMe 5.0

UnHackMe 5.0 is a system security tool for Windows
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12.10.2020 (See all)

UnHackMe 5.0 is a system security tool for Windows. It scans for a type of Trojan viruses called rootkits. These rootkits are system-wide infections that are seemingly hard to get rid of. Since a virus has the total control of your system, it often rejects the idea of being eliminated. UnHackMe works around this problem by scanning for viruses right when the operative system is loading up, which is before any other applications are loaded. Thus, it can safely diagnose and remove these rootkits. UnHackMe brings several different applications to the virus-fighting mix. The main one serves as a hub for all the actions that you can take. The default and recommended action is to "Test Windows boot process(es)," which restarts your system and checks the boot sector. There are also options for Spyware and Adware removal and scanning. There is also a sort of rootkit vaccination, but I am unsure of what it really accomplishes. When I was scanning my system before restarting it, I always got the "You don't have any Trojans" warning. However, after I restarted the virtual machine I was testing this on, I got several warnings that the VMWare drivers were indeed evil Trojans, and that I had to do something about it, NOW! So I am not sure if the application would really provide you with accurate data or lots of false-positives.

José Fernández
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  • It scans for Trojans in a really smart way


  • It gave a lot of false-positive readings
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